We make a clean sweep of industry.

MMB-gruppen offers complete, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective decontamination solutions for industry and the construction sector.

We have tried and tested experience and specialist ability in everything from high-pressure jetting, vacuum-suction and energy-optimising through to rust protection and surface treatment.

Through continuously developing our techniques, our methods and our abilities, and by using water and highly efficient natural agents we are continuously extending our total solution. We combine our services in new ways, according to requirements – and have not yet seen any limit to what is possible.

As a customer you can come to us with whatever kind of problem you may have. For us nothing is impossible – and we are ready to perform on a 24/7 basis. Nobody should be forced to wait to become fully productive.
MMB-gruppen consists of the companys MMB Sölvesborg - Göteborg and Fyra Ess Nord AB in Umeå.

New, modern vacuum vehicle - result of increasing demands.

MMB's new vacuum vehicle has arrived. It's the seventh suction vehicle in our machine fleet and the investment is made as a result of an increasing demand of suction technology among our customers. With more vehicles we can give more customers service at the same time and we can be at spot faster during emergencys.


Succesful water purification at Riskulla heating plant in Gothenburg.

MMB has developed a fast and effective method to free the heating plants from contaminated water. At Riskulla outside Gothenburg, the result was so succesful that the operators even dared to taste the purified water.